The third full week in October each year is designated National School Bus Safety Week

Last Year's Posters
 This year: October 22-26

2012 poster contest theme: “I See the Driver. The Driver Sees Me!”

The theme of National School Bus Safety Week, which is derived from the poster contest the year before, should not be confused with the Poster Contest theme. More Poster Contest information can be found at:

  • Safety observances happen throughout the year. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to educate your coworkers and family members on a variety of safety topics. The NSC Safety Observances Calendar can help you prepare.

    Future Contest Themes
    •   Poster Contest Theme for 2013: At my Stop - You Stop!
    •  Poster Contest Theme for 2014: Be Smart - Be Seen, I wait in a safe place!

    References & Notes

     Example of school district promoting school bus safety week - At District 113A, School Bus Safety is always our "Number One" priority and we will spend a week focusing on teaching bus safety to all district 113A students. We will be presenting the Illinois School Bus Safety Program that is mandated to be taught on an annual basis to all students in the state of Illinois.  "The ABC's of School Bus Safety" is a set of lessons and activities with the objective of cultivating conscientious, safety-minded school bus passengers. It is divided into several sections and we will be covering each of these throughout the week. 

    Is a new kind of School Bus Safety Week needed? - Every year in the October we see a great deal of effort and press dedicated to School Bus Safety Week. Top of the list are announcements in the press that police will be patrolling the streets looking for motorists violating the bus stop law, something most of us thought was happening every day of every week. Some schools devote a few hours per day for an entire week or two to safety at school, on the school bus and other areas where safety is important. And some school districts do little or nothing. This article explores how some schools and communities are teaching safety to kids and parents.

    Positive Promotions - School Bus
    Safety Starts With Me

    What is Safety Town? - Begun in Ohio in 1937, Safety Town is a "pint-sized" town where comprehensive safety messages are taught by safety professionals to kindergarten age chldren.  This national program is taught during the summer months, by local safety and law enforcement professionals. "If you tell a child, they may listen;
    if you show them, they may understand; but if you involve them, they will learn." ~  Dorothy Chlad - Founder - National Safety Town Center, Cleveland, Ohio

    Passing stopped school bus dangerous, illegal - Although school has been in session for several weeks, some area motorists still need a reminder about school bus safety, according to officers at the New Philadelphia post of the Ohio Highway Patrol.

    Are School Buses Dangerous? - Florida law requires school buses that transport public school students have safety belts. But the law only applies to buses purchased new after December 30, 2000. Many older buses are still in service. The law also puts the entire legal responsibility for wearing and properly adjusting seat belts on the child. There is complete legal liability immunity in Florida to any school bus driver, the school board, teachers and volunteers when a child is injured in a school bus accident for failing to buckle up or adjust the safety belt correctly.

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    1. Ensure safety with school bus safety rules
      Ensuring safety should be the main concern of evert individual. School bus becoming the convenient mode of transportation for the students in the United States and also in Canada. Most of the students avail school bus service for going to school from home and vis a vis. So, it is vital for the parents, school authorities, and bus companies to see proper school bus safety rules are maintained inside the buses.


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