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Articles are published in this blog once or more monthly. Quotes, experiences, or links for use in any of the pending articles are welcomed. Use the contact address in my profile. Your thought will be added to the relevant report. Please include what State your are in. Your name is not published without your permission. Please include an email address where we can follow-up with you.

2012 In Loving Memory
School bus related deaths in 2012. A good source for researchers, and a useful document when wanting a quick reference to school bus related deaths while discussing bus stop safety and when looking at updating school bus safety policies and procedures. Our annual report will cover a large sampling of children and adults that died during school bus related events in 2012. The 2011 report is available at this link. Report for 2010

Three ineffective bus rider management claims and the misery they cause
'If you respect the riders, they will respect you,' is one of the most misused child management tools on the school buses. Works well with civil children, especially when the parents involved are well informed, and when school support can be trusted to back up your efforts. Is poor support compromising your authority to maintain order on your school bus?  Your experience is welcomed for consideration in this report. Please include what State you are in. We will not publish your name, city, or email address without permission.

The pacifist (peace-loving) v/s the entrepreneurial (self-supervised) school bus driver
The most effective management style with both these sorts seems to be an interdependent management style relationship between management and the bus drivers. One difference is the passive driver must be trained to accept more responsibility for managing his or her school bus.

The screaming school bus driver    
Article explores the difference of speaking loudly and firmly in a loud environment and screaming which occurs when someone is goofing off or getting frustrated. I do not like yelling on the bus, reserving loudness only to the bus driver, school staff and a child's emergency when these believe it seems necessary.

Trust - Difficult to achieve best performance without it
Sometimes the lesser tail must lead until the greater head understands. Article explores what can happen when an administration demonstrates too little trust and respect toward the help, including parents that want to help keep kids safe. Such administrations have nothing to pass forward to the help. When it is a chronic shortcoming, the duty to build trust back into in the community falls on the help and the community. It is not the job of the employer's help and parents and to do this, but remains a duty to intervene anyway when an administration is too elitist or whatever to perform their paid tasks.

When Good People Do Bad Things
This article covers an an area very few want to discuss. The typical school bus driver, with exceptions, is cultivated to be passive or come that way when hired. These will do virtually anything their boss tells them to do. So many do not think very well on their own under the wrong training and management style, and also typically want someone else to solve their hostile workplace issues. Article looks at possible remedies.

Training bus riders to follow directions at the bus stop
Article explores powerful lifesaving lessons and methods that teach kids to think before they leap. Can save many lives even when a motorist or the bus driver make a mistake.

‘Guest Writers’ Welcomed
We would like to ride-a-long on your thoughts. Articles or commentaries adequate to fill the space of an article are welcomed from school bus drivers, from parents, including grieving parents that have lost a child in a school bus related event, and from other school bus safety related interests. A link to your webpage is included in your article. Send your proposed article using the email address in the profile area.

Quotes, experiences, or links for use in any of the pending articles are welcomed.

We provide enough information about a pending article to give an idea of what the article will be presenting.  You may exclude your name, provider, and city unless giving permission. For example the writer gave permission to use first name, years of service, and state - Sally, a 15-year veteran school bus driver from Texas writes, "....".

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2safeschools school bus safety CD under revision
First published in 2005, and updated yearly, continuous additions to our school bus safety CD became so disorganized over time that we stopped production until after updating and categorizing over 1,000 files. New sections will be added, the photo library categorized, new videos, training ideas and new forms added. We hope to have the revised edition available in early 2013. You can order the old version at a deep discount and receive a credit toward the new version when available. More information and an order form is available at this link. [Link is pending]
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